edtake's features for
February 2021

Another month has passed in this year 2021 during which we have, as promised, unveiled three new features of our edtake workspace dedicated to your training projects.

You didn't have time to follow them? Don't panic, here is a summary of the most important information!

Structure your training projects with the global synopsis

Often neglected, the structuring of a training course before its conception is an essential step. Our edtake workspace allows you to determine a global architecture in the form of blocks in order to organize your different teaching methods.

To do this, you can indicate, for each training block, the themes that will be addressed, the pedagogical objectives that must be achieved by the learners and finally the modules that will be designed to address these themes and achieve the objectives.

Specify deliverables to structure your modules

Now that the structure of your training modules is well defined in your course, you need to indicate the different deliverables that will make them up (or that will make them up, in the case of a single-module project).

The addition of these different deliverables will allow you to plan the entire design of your modules by interacting with your teams (internal or external) with the assignment of roles (supervision, implementation, etc.). You can also determine for each deliverable its specifications, its deadlines, the related documents and then follow its progress thanks to the design statuses.

Find all this information in your dashboards (if you missed this step), it's just here).

Automate your processes by designing production models

Moreover, the interest is not to make our workspace your Excel file on which you will have to spend three hours per day to carry out your project management.

On the contrary, it's all about saving time and keeping it simple. edtake allows you to design your own models of educational modalities in order to automate the process of framing and monitoring the design. You can indicate to the tool your internal design processes, the deliverables you expect, their interdependencies, their workloads and deadlines... All you have to do is import your models as soon as you want to design your modality.

Easy, no ?

And now ?

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