edtake's features for
January 2021

In this year 2021, we present you each week on our social networks a feature of our edtake workspace. 

To make it easy for you to find all this information, we offer you a monthly article that summarizes the points discussed during the previous 3 weeks. 

Here is the first article of the year dedicated to the features of the essentiel EdTech workplace for the design of your training projects! de l‘espace de travail incontournable pour la conception de vos projets de formation ! 

The dashboard of your projects

The flagship feature of our solution, the dashbord allows you to manage the design of all your training projects at a glance. solution, le tableau de bord, vous permet de piloter en un clin d’œil la conception de tous vos projets de formation.  

Thanks to this space, you have a global view of all the courses being designed and their associated tasks.  

You will also find your general planning concerning your projects in order to visualize the different workloads.  

The icing on the cake : Clickable cards allow you to visualize in one click the modules and deliverables being designed on all your projects. 

The creation of a training project

We know how long it can take to design a training project. That's why our workspace provides you with 4 specific assistants to help you in this step.  

The process is very simple: guides appear according to your needs. You are asked a few questions about the characteristics of your project. All you have to do is enter the information requested in order to fill in the important data and only those that are important. 


Design data management

Now that you have created your projects, visualized everything in your dashboard, it is important to complete all the missing data. The point is to be able to share this information with the users who will be affiliated with the projects to ensure that they have everything available. 

For that, our workspace offers you informative panels dedicated to each step. You will be able to fill in properties, documents, tasks and members for each stage of your training project. 

And now ?

If you want to see more right now, it's very simple: just request a demo by filling out the form below!