edtake's features for
March 2021

March is coming to an end and three new features of our training workspace have been unveiled since the last recap. 

So it's time to put them together for you in a dedicated article! 

Quickly visualize the structure of your module thanks to the Gantt of deliverables

Last month we saw the possibility of indicate deliverables to structure your modules. The interest is of course thereafter to be able to visualize simply these various information.

To do this, we have developed Gantt schedules that allow you to follow the progress of each deliverable in your training project.

Each schedule allows you to have a global view on : 

  • The progress status of each deliverable ;
  • The people in charge of the realization and supervision ; 
  • The various planned and actual deadlines.

Manage your resource schedules

For each project, module and deliverable you have the possibility to indicate the people who will supervise and realize them. This can quickly become a lot of information and it can be complex to know who is doing what.

We have thought of everything! For each step, you can find this information in a dedicated space: the Resource Gantt.

This Gantt allows you to visualize the workload of each person in your team, the distribution of design periods and the progress of each user on their tasks. The tool also highlights any tasks that are not yet assigned.

Outsource the tasks you want

edtake offers you the possibility of outsourcing your various deliverables and modules directly via the workspace.

Outsourcing does not necessarily mean that your entire project will be carried out externally! With edtake, it's different! The goal is to adapt to each project and each need, in order to complete the resource you need. 

To do so, you just have to let the assistant guide you to send us your specifications. And then? We take care of the whole search for a service provider and the contractualization.

And now ?

If you want to see more right now, it's very simple: just request a demo by filling out the form below!